Dwarf Fortress, AI (and Future?)

Dwarf Fortress, a game released in 2006, still scares rookie players (like me) away, and excites hard core players. In the same year, in July, a conference about Artificial Intelligence studies took place: Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference: The Next Fifty Years. This conference was also known as AI@50, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dartmouth … Continue reading Dwarf Fortress, AI (and Future?)

Graphics To The Moon

Aesthetic choices in video games end up, for obvious reasons, provoking strong opinions. Not that it is always healthy to compare these two mediums, but this is another area where literature and digital media part ways. Interface plays a big part in user experience in video games, many of which take up more than ten … Continue reading Graphics To The Moon

To the Melodrama

If Steam Community were a box of tissues, it’d better be a huge one, as it would have to wipe away tears of at least 20010 gamers. To the Moon receives a 10 on Steam, and 20010 positive reviews against 599 negative ones. Its primary focus is the narrative: two doctors rebuild Johnny’s fragmatic and … Continue reading To the Melodrama

To The Moon and RPGs

I’ve played a lot of RPGs in my life, but To The Moon was something else. Many RPGs that have the same sort of style and characteristics that To The Moon has fail to craft a story as meaningful. To the Moon’s story is something that RPGs don’t really touch upon. RPGs usually follow a … Continue reading To The Moon and RPGs