To the Melodrama

2 thoughts on “To the Melodrama”

  1. I agree with you that as I was playing To the Moon, the game’s narrative immediately reminded me of countless plots and tropes of Asian (especially Korean and Japanese) melodramas. This was one of the reasons that made me feel glad to have this narrative told in a form of game rather than cinema or television series, for if this overused story (in Asian realm, that is) was yet again delivered through the same medium it has dominated for a few decades, I would have never attempted to let myself encounter it and instead categorize it as “Isn’t it time for them to be just a little more creative?” I realize the experience can be vastly different for Western audience who may not be as familiar with this type of story. For me anyway, the game took a novel approach in telling the generic narrative in a refreshing and “interactive” method. It just would not have the same effect if it were told in the form of cinema, where I would simply watch the story that my mother watches on television every evening unfold.

    1. I also felt a sense of familiarity and, after reading this post, recognize the similar tropes from Korean dramas. It even is broken up into ‘chapters’ or episodes, and I specifically can remember a really popular drama that told its narrative in a backwards fashion after the trope of memory loss was introduced. However, I didn’t feel like To the Moon was very interactive, which is why I think I felt more bored than ‘refreshed.’

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